Parties are groups of players, that can consist of two to eight characters.

The party list can be made to show in several ways. Firstly, click the button on the very bottom right to bring up a small version whcih shows everyone's name and HP. Or, press P to go into the party list, and tick "Members" to bring up a more detailed list. However, depending on your screen resolution, this might hide your personal buffs below your status bar.

Party leader Edit

The party leader has the functions of creating, kicking, and passing the leader status as well as locking and unlocking the Q box. Passing the leader can be done via the party menu (P button), right-clicking a member portrait and selecting "Delegate".

Party Tips Edit

A party usually consists of multiple lurers (which are usually dex types) as kiters / tanks, a shaman to serve as a healer, and some clearers as DPS. Without these, your party will not function as well.