Stats of gears can be improved through Enhancement. This improves the attack of weapons and defense of equipment. The maximum enhancement level is 11.

To enhance, click on the material and move it over the piece of gear you wish to enhance, then right-click to use one with the other.

Enhancing above +4 may cause a chance of reset and above +7 may cause a chance of destruction (extinction).

Enhancement will not consume RAN Gold.

Enhancement MaterialsEdit

Below level 100, mobs will drop Coating Oils and Grindstones with a range of +1 to +4 or +1 to +6. When enhancing with Coating Oils and Grindstones, the weapon's enhancement level will be set at a random number between the range.

There are other materials which may also be used, and must be used above level 100. Burr and Protection Potions may be used to enhance weapons and armour respectively, which enhances to a maximum of +4. Beyond +4, advanced materials (Fine Burr , Luxury Protection Potion) are needed until +9. From +9 to +11, Ganil pieces and Bail pieces must be used for enhance weapons and armor.

NB: Coating Oils and Grindstones in the item shop can only enhance to maximum of +9, and that's if you get lucky.


Weapon Enhancement Chi GanernEdit

From +1 to +4, a weapon will gain a steady 3 attack per enhancement level. The attack gained, from +4, will change every 3 enhancements:

From +5 to +7, the weapon will gain 10% of its maximum base attack every enhancement.

From +7 to +9, the weapon will gain 15% of its maximum base attack at +4.

From +9 to +11, (unconfirmed) the weapon will gain 10.5% of its maximum base attack at +4.

The total formula for weapon enhancement may be written out as thus:

ATTt = ROUNDDOWN[ATTm+3X+0.1(Y-4)ATTm+0.15(Z-7)ATT4m+0.105(E-10)ATT4m]

where ATT4m = [ATTm+3X+0.1(Y-4)ATTm]


att = Total Attack

att = Maximum base attack

att = Maximum base attack at +1234 enhancement.

X, Y and Z and E are integer enhancement levels where:

0 < X =<464

If X < 4, Y = 479. If X = 04, 25 =< Y =< 17

If Y < 7, Z = 7. If Y = 7, 7 =< Z =<10

If Z < 10, E = 10. If Z =10, E = 11.

Armour EnhancementEdit

<Coming soon... formula is a bit off right now>