To create a clan you character must be at least level 30, and have a minimum of five members. Creating a gang will require 1 million in-game coins.

Clan FunctionsEdit

Clans can participate in Clan Wars. Which is a war between clans for dominance over a select school. At the end of the Clan Wars, the guild that has claimed the select place exampleSacred Gate, Phoenix, Mystic Peak, and Trading Hole, can decide the tax rate for the select places and will be able to collect it.

Clans can also have battles against each other as well as alliances. When your guild is at battle with another guild, the members of the guild you are against will appear red like they are in PK time. The result of the guild battle will be decided on the amount of kills of each guild during the time of the battle. Keep in mind that when you are in a guild battle with other guilds, you are against them and their alliances.