With the power of their bow and arrow, the archers targets their enemies from a long hunting spot. They are the "novice lurers" because they can attack their enemies using some long distance skills. DEX-type archers gives their opponents with fast and accurate skills. INT-type archers possesses balance or mid-type moves. POW-type archers wields their bow to deliver melee moves and smash her target. DEX-type archers are more common than the other two types for the reason the they have higher evasion rate despite their low defense and health making them even more powerful with their passive skill, kawasu and evasive chant and will be better if both of these skills are mastered plus DEX-type archers are more in demand in parties because of their evasive chant skill that increases the party's evasion rate. Unlike the powerful swordsman and brawler, the archer requires arrows in order to make an attack or skill and these arrows can be bought on NPCs.

Stat GrowthEdit

Status Base Points Growth Rate
Power Imba players only hirap din balansehin yung def sa at att. 99999999
Dexterity Common to 0.64
Intelligence Pangmatalino lang kasi ang hirap gamitin 1.1
Vitality Eternal Youth 8.77
Stamina mina eh eh waka waka eh eh. 9.99

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